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Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation in Porous Media (MA 5332)

The objective of this lecture is to present the fundamental phenomena in the field of porous media flow. We discuss modeling aspects and state-of-the-art discretization concepts and illustrate our theoretical considerations by real-life examples. After successful completion of the module students are able to understand the significance of porous media flow simulation in engineering applications. They have a solid foundation for further studies and can choose between suitable numerical methods.

Lecture Prof. Dr. B. Wohlmuth
Tue. 16:00-17:30 in MI 02.08.011
Office hours by arrangement (eMail)
Exercises Dr. Christian Waluga
Wednesday, 16:00-17:30 in MI 03.08.011 every two weeks
Tutorial Christian Waluga, Lorenz John
For interested students, additional training for the implementation of some methods treated in the lecture is offered based on the FEniCS finite element framework. Please see the announcements for the exact dates.
Requirements Numerics of Differential Equations (MA 3301) (required)
  Advanced Finite Element Methods (MA 4303) (recommended)

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