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Many of our research activities involve third party funded projects, e.g, by the DFG, the European Union or the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing e.V., and international and interdisciplinary cooperations. The details can be found in the acknowledgements of the specific publications. The support of the funding institutions is greatly appreciated. Cross-disciplinary work is only possible by the interaction of different departments. A great thanks to all of our partners, for all the enriching discussions and team-work. For more information see the authors in our joint publications.

Research areas

Random Heterogeneous Media Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Tumor Growth Models
Energy-Corrected Finite Element Method Isogeometric mortar methods
Blood flow simulation Model order reduction
High Performance Computing

Picture of SuperMUC-NG by Veronika Hohenegger, LRZ
Methods for Large Scale Simulations
Methane Gas Hydrate Reservoirs The Surrogate Matrix Methodology
Uncertainty Quantification and Bayesian inversion for complex models Acoustic wave phenomena
Lattice Boltzmann methods Shape optimization
Sparse grid interpolation and engineering applications Numerische Simulation von Akustik-Akustik- und Strukturmechanik-Akustik-Kopplungen auf nichtkonformen Gittern
Numerical methods for multi-phase flow in heterogeneous porous media Coupling free flow with porous media flow
Numerische Methoden zur Bewertung von amerikanischen Optionen Rollkontaktsimulation mit nichtlinearen Materialien, verschiedenen Orts- und Zeitschrittweiten
Entwicklung effizienter Algorithmen zur Simulation von Kontaktproblemen elastoplastischer Körper mit Reibung Scientific/Educational Matlab Database
Modellierung inkrementeller Umformverfahren Dynamische Kapillareffekte in heterogenen porösen Medien
X-FEM and Lagrange multipliers method for complex interface problems Mortar Diskretisierung für Kontaktprobleme
Contact dynamics with large deformations Operator splitting methods for porous media flow
A posteriori error estimator for contact problems A posteriori error estimator for obstacle problems
A multiplicative Schwarz method and its applications to nonlinear acoustic-structure interaction Laser simulation Simulation of high-frequency wave propagation in amplifiers and lasers