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Bearbeiter/in Titel Betreuer/in Semester
Samuel Amar Adaptive Metropolis for Bayesian Inference in Crystallography Jonas Latz SS 2019
Christian Dietz Iterative Solvers for Discretized PDEs Elisabeth Ullmann SS 2019
Joshua Ekaputra Approximation of Dynamical Systems with Neural Networks Elisabeth Ullmann SS 2019
Medeea Horvat Visual SLAM using artificial visual markers - a comparison of different algorithms Fabian Wagner SS 2019
Sarah Kreuzer Efficient Implementation of the Ising Model and Image Denoising Jonas Latz WS 18/19
Matthieu Bulté Sequential Monte Carlo for time-dependent Bayesian Inverse Problems Jonas Latz SS 2018
Annabel Huber Neural Networks as a Method for Solving ODEs Elisabeth Ullmann SS 2018
Konstantin Riedl On multilevel algorithms for the estimation of failure probabilities and rare event simulation Elisabeth Ullmann SS 2018


Bearbeiter/in Titel Betreuer/in Semester
Sabrina Balzer Gaussian process surrogates for Bayesian parameter identification in computational oncology Christian Kahle, Jonas Latz SS 2018
Fabian Wagner Particle Methods for Deep Learning Jonas Latz SS 2018
Marvin Eisenberger Parameterized solution of Karhunen-Loeve Eigenproblems with Reduced Basis Methods in Uncertainty Quantification Jonas Latz WS 17/18

-- ElisabethUllmann - 10 Jun 2019