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Thomas Dickopf  —  Recent Events

  • Co-organizer (with Martin Gander (U Genève), Ralf Hiptmair (ETH Zürich), Rolf Krause (USI Lugano), Luca Pavarino (U Milano), Alfio Quarteroni (EPF Lausanne), William Sawyer (CSCS Lugano), Olaf Schenk (USI Lugano)) of the 22nd International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods, Lugano, Switzerland, September 16-20, 2013
  • Co-organizer (with Holger Heumann, U Nice Sophia Antipolis) of the GAMM Young Researchers' Minisymposium "Numerical methods with non-nested meshes" at the 84th Annual Meeting, Novi Sad, Serbia, March 19, 2013