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Hauptseminar: Non-Linear PDEs: From Modelling to Numerical Analysis and Simulation

The use of mathematical modeling and simulation is a rapidly growing field. Numerical simulation can be used to predict groundwater pollution, to understand bacteria growth and to design composite materials or patient specific treatment. Quite often the underlying mathematical model consists of non-linear PDEs. In this seminar, we try to understand different concepts in the mathematical modeling of non-linear acoustics and fluids, discuss existence and stability results and cover a wide spectrum of numerical techniques ranging from Lattice Boltzmann methods to Isogeometric Analysis. Different topics will be tailored to the individual interests and allow a focus on PDE analysis but also on high performance computing aspects.

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Supervision Prof. Dr. B. Wohlmuth
Office hours by arrangement (eMail)
Place and time See schedule below
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--- For interested students, we want to draw your attention to the lecture on Advanced Finite Elements (MA5337) this semester, which covers a variety of topics similar to this seminar. ---

General Information


Seminar Setup


Date Time Room Speaker Title Abstract Handout Slides
19.01.2018 14:00 MI 03.10.011 Mücke, Nikolaj Absorbing Boundary Conditions and Perfectly Matched Layers for Acoustics Abstract Handout Slides
19.01.2018 15:00 MI 03.10.011 Urbainczyk, Simon Multilevel Monte Carlo methods   Handout Slides
27.01.2018 10:00 MI 03.10.011 Starostina, Alexandra Inverse Bayesian Problems, MCMC & Active Subspace Method Abstract Handout Slides
27.01.2018 11:00 MI 03.10.011 Sinzger, Mark Phase-field model for tumour growth   Handout Slides
27.01.2018 13:30 MI 03.10.011 Kipfstuhl, Jonas Stokes-Darcy Coupling   Handout Slides

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