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Oberseminar Simulation and Uncertainty Quantification

The seminar takes place in the Maths/Computer Science building on the Garching campus. Everybody is welcome to attend.

Sommersemester 2019

Date Time Room Speaker Title
10.05.19 10:15 02.08.020 Jonas Latz (M2) On the well-posedness of Bayesian inverse problems Pfeil
07.05.19 16:30 03.06.011 Irene Garnelo (Würth Elektronik + TUM) Applications of geometrical data analysis to dynamical data sets
26.04.19 10:15 02.08.020 Stefano Massei Pfeil (EPFL) Low-rank updates and divide and conquer methods for linear matrix equations

Wintersemester 2018/19

Date Time Room Speaker Title
01.04.19 10:00 02.08.011 Sebastian Wolf (TUM) Higher Order Time Integration Schemes for Fluid Structure Interaction Problems
08.02.18 10:15 02.08.011 Juan Pablo Madrigal Cianci Pfeil (EPFL) Cancelled
11.01.18 10:15 02.08.011 Paola Antonietti Pfeil (Milano) Numerical modelling of earthquake ground motion
14.12.18 10:15 02.08.011 Brendan Keith (M2) The DPG* Method
07.12.18 10:15 02.08.011 Christian Gnand Conjugate Gradient Random Search
09.11.18 11:00 02.08.011 Julian Westermeier (TUM) Nonlocal PDE System arising in Vegetation Pattern Formation - How fairy circles appear
22.10.18 16:00 02.10.011 Christopher Kees Pfeil Grain-resolving and volume-averaged computational models of air/water/sediment intercation

Sommersemester 2018

Date Time Room Speaker Title
10.09.18 14:00 03.10.011 Gregor Gantner Pfeil (TU Wien) Adaptive isogeometric methods with optimal convergence rates
19.07.18 14:00 03.10.011 Sebastian Potthoff Pfeil (Bremen) Electronic fingerprint prediction in 2d-matrials-based (bio)sensors
22.06.18 12:15 02.08.020 Markus Muhr (M2) Isogeometric shape optimization for nonlinear ultrasound focusing
08.06.18 12:15 02.08.020 Björn Sprungk Pfeil (Göttingen) Improving Markov Chain Monte Carlo by Importance Sampling and Laplace Approximation
13.04.18 13:00 02.08.020 Daniel O'Malley Pfeil (LANL) Characterizing the subsurface with randomized matrix algorithms

Wintersemester 2017/18

Date Time Room Speaker Title
02.03.18 10:30 03.06.011 Mario Teixeira Parente (M2) Active subspaces for Bayesian inversion, with an application to a methane hydrates model
02.02.18 10:30 03.06.011 Steven Mattis (M2) Goal-oriented adaptive surrogate construction for stochastic inversion
26.01.18 16:00 02.08.011 Brendan Keith (UT Austin) Duality principles and a posteriori error estimation for DPG methods with a view towards viscoelastic fluids
08.12.17 10:30 03.06.011 Mariarosa Mazza (IPP) The GLT theory and some applications to fractional diffusion equations

Sommersemester 2017

Date Time Room Speaker Title
30.08.17 10:00 03.06.011 Marvin Fritz (TUM) On the Solvability of the 3D Navier-Stokes Equations
24.08.17 17:00 03.06.011 Catherine Powell Pfeil (Manchester) Adaptive stochastic Galerkin finite element approximation: efficient error estimation and fast solvers
28.07.17 13:00 02.06.011 Isabell Franck (TUM) Multimodal, model-based, high-dimensional, Bayesian inverse problems
10.07.17 14:15 03.06.011 Marco Restelli Pfeil (TUM) On a Stokes-like problem arising in plasma physics applications
07.07.17 13:00 02.06.011 Friedrich Menhorn (CS) Derivative-Free Stochastic Constrained Optimization using Gaussian Processes, with Application to a Scramjet
05.07.17 15:15 02.08.020 Ustim Khristenko Pfeil (Paris) Delayed feedback control method for calculating space-time periodic solutions in nonlinear mechanics
26.06.17 14:00 03.06.011 Kei-Fong Lam Pfeil (Regensburg) Diffuse interface models for tumour growth
02.06.17 13:00 02.06.011 Jonas Latz (M2) Multilevel Sequential^2 Monte Carlo for Inverse Problems
07.04.17 14:00 02.08.011 Monika Weymuth Pfeil (Zurich) A Posteriori Modelling-Discretization Error Estimate for Elliptic Problems with L-Infinity Coefficients

Wintersemester 2016/17

Date Time Room Speaker Title
21.10.16 13:00 02.08.011 Boris Bonev (TUM) Tsunami Simulations on a Sphere with the Discontinuous Galerkin Method
28.10.16 13:00 03.10.011 Steven Mattis (M2) A Measure-Theoretic Approach to Parameter Estimation
16.11.16 16:30 Theresianum Hermann Matthies Pfeil (Braunschweig) Bayesian Updating on the Basis of Conditional Expectations
24.11.16 12:15 03.05.033 Laura Scarabosio (M2) Shape uncertainty quantification for interface problems
08.12.16 13:00 00.10.011 Dave May Pfeil (Oxford University) Efficient, Scalable Multigrid Preconditioners in PETSc
09.12.16 13:00 03.10.011 Ali Ghasemi (M2) An efficient strategy for the coupling of Stokes flow and transport
19.12.16 17:00 02.08.020 Jan Březina (Liberec) flow123d Pfeil - overview and related work
27.01.17 13:00 03.10.011 Ionut Farcas (CS) Multilevel sparse collocations with dimensionality reduction (Slides)
03.02.17 13:00 03.10.011 Vanja Nikolić (M2) High intensity ultrasound focusing through isogeometric shape optimization
10.02.17 13:00 03.10.011 Alexey Chernov Pfeil (Oldenburg) High order approximation with the Virtual Element Method
07.03.17 11:30 02.10.011 Andreas Schröder A posteriori error control for variational inequalities and applications of hp-finite elements

Sommersemester 2016

Date Time Room Speaker Title
15.04.16 15:00 02.06.011 Paolo Zunino Pfeil (Milano) Numerical approximation of coupled PDEs on manifolds with high dimensionality gap
18.05.16 16:30 03.08.011 David Silvester Pfeil (Manchester) Adaptive algorithms driven by a posteriori estimates of error reduction for PDEs with random data
30.05.16 13:00 02.04.011 Markus Huber (M2) Towards controlling errors in faulty computing environments
27.06.16 16:15 02.08.020 Pavel Exner (Liberec) Extended finite element methods on meshes of combined dimensions
02.08.16 14:00 02.08.011 Florian Kellner (Salzburg) Pseudo-Differential Operators and the Malgrange-Ehrenpreis Theorem
29.08.16 17:00 02.08.011 Mario Teixeira Parente (München) Brownian Motion and the Dirichlet Problem
12.09.16 11:00 02.08.011 Philippe Sünnen (Aachen) Analysis of a Stokes Flow Problem on Inextensible Manifolds
20.09.16 11:00 02.08.011 Florian Rohm (TUM) A cumulant-based collision for the Lattice Boltzmann method

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